George Grattan


Why Am I at NCSU?

I am at state because I have wanted to study nuclear sciences since I was a child. I dont know why but they have always enthralled me. I soon learned that I would not be able to make much of a living off of pure sciences, so I made the descision to study Nuclear Engineering Instead. This major falls under the college of engineering in the seperate Nuclear Engineering program. I expect to finish undergraduate in 4-5 years, depending on if I continue to double major in physics. This sends my undergraduate graduation dat eto 2020 to 2021, however I also want to get a masters degree so that I can begin to enter the realm of Fusion system research.

What Do I want do to with my Major?

As I said, I want to be in the realm of fusion system research, which I personally beleive is the key to our future as a society. This is due to the fact that we need a clean, fairly rewenable source of energy. I beleive that this source is nucear fusion. With my degree I plan to enroll in graduate school and attain a masters and possibly a PhD and then finding employment as a researcher specializing in fusion systems.
Class Course Title Semester
Statics MAE 206 2
Calc 2 MA 241 2
University Physics II PY 202 2
Intro to Nuclear Engineering NE 201 3
University Physics III Py 203 3