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My name is Griffin Taylor and it's my first year attending NC State University. I've chosen to major in chemical engineering. The reason I want to follow chemical engineering is because I've always found chemistry very fascinating in terms of how the world relies on it to function. I'm also not too bad at math considering I'm taking Calculus III my first semester, hence the engineering.

One job I've had before was working in the admissions department for Wet n' Wild Emerald Pointe. I would have to sell tickets, check bags, accept tickets, or take pictures for season passes. I earned only minimum wage, but I worked long and hard to earn as much money as possible. I worked there for two years in admissions, and while not all that fun, it was a very good experience.

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My Current Classes

  1. ENG 101 (English)
  2. MA 242h (Honors Calculus III)
  3. E 101 (Intro to Engineering)
  4. CH 101 (Chemistry)
  5. E 115 (Intro to Computing Environments)

NC State Clubs I Find Interesting

Club Name Club Website
Fencing Fencing Club Website
Sailing Sailing Club Website