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Plastic Silverware

My name is Grant Fatyol, and I am a Freshman Industrial Engineer.
I was first enrolled in computer science, but have decided to switch
because I feel that ISE fits my goals more succinctly. I was also
interested in Mechanical Engineering, but decided that it wasn't for me.

Last Spring I went on a school-organized trip to Costa Rica for 10 days
We visited many spectacular places, such as the Arenal Volcano and La Fortuna
Water Fall. We also visited the hot-springs that are naturally heated by the
volcano. This is also where I broke my nose and had to get stitches in a clinic
in the middle of no-where. There was a rock water-slide and I got flipped over
and Busted my face. overall it was a pretty unique experience.

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How to order a pizza:
  1. Select a Pizzeria
  2. Call the telephone number
  3. Ask for any specials
  4. Place an order
  5. Provide an address for delivery
  6. Pay the Delivery Man upon receipt of pizza
Class Grade
E115 Pass
History A
Calculus B-

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