Welcome to Greg's Homework5a!

Hello, my name is Gregory Hauser. I am a freshman and I want to major in Material Science and Engineering. I want to do MSE because I enjoy chemistry and I am really interested in some of the fields MSE works in. Of the multiple disciplines within MSE, I think I might like to be involved with metallurgy. I feel like that would be the most interesting to me personally.

My favourite break from school was the Christmas break during my senior year at high school. I got to go to Charleston, S.C. with my family for Christmas, and then meet my girlfriend's family and friends at the beach for new years. When we went to the beach, we had lots of cook-outs, met a lot of friends, and had a great time. It was a really relaxing break, and I had a great deal of fun. I cannot wait to go back this year!

google logo Wikipedia is awesome!! How to make a Pizza
  1. find or buy or make some delicious dough
  2. spread it out
  3. spread some tomato sauce on it
  4. put a LOT of cheese on it
  5. put some more cheese on it
  6. put a little more cheese, just to be sure
  7. bake the whole thing for a while
  8. Eat it!
Class Expected Grade
E115 S
HESF 237 S
CH 101 A