Grant Hill's Webpage - Welcome All

My name is Grant Hill and I am a freshman. I plan to major in chemical engineering. During high school, I was always good at math, chemistry, and physics so I felt that this major was a good fit for me. Right now, I'm in CHE205 which is giving me a great introduction to the major. So far I have really enjoyed the class and plan to stick with this major. I'm really looking forward to taking more classes that focus this major.

My favorite animal is a wolf. This is also very appropriate seeing that our mascot is the wolfpack. I enjoy how the wolf works in an unit and do everything together. They are a very impressive predator. They have great endurance which allows them to run for long periods of time until they catch their prey. They are all around amazing creatures.

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  1. Decide what type of pizza you want
  2. Order the pizza
  3. Wait for pizza
  4. Pay the pizza man
  5. Eat Pizza
Classes Grade
E115 S
Eng101 A
CHE205 A
CH221 A
MA341 A
Wolf pic saved to www