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Jefferson Memorial

Hello favorite person!

Baley and I would like to thank you for visiting our wedding web page. We've had a great time so far in wedding planning and of course, website design. Let me tell you we are both looking forward to finishing this phase of our relationship, when we live on opposite sides of the continent, and starting a new chapter. Above is an image of the Jefferson Memorial from across the tidal basin in Washington D.C. In this picture, the Memorial is framed by Japanese cherry blossoms in full bloom. Why would we put something like that on our wedding website? Read more for details!

July 24th, 2009

Yes, it is our negative first anniversary. In celebration of this special event, we called each other on the phone. Like we do virtually every night. But what's even more special is that we have just recently booked a wedding venue. We'll be getting married in exactly one year at St. Regis Hotel, Monarch Beach!

As soon as we stepped foot onto the property, we knew this was it. We were completely dazzled by the beautiful grand lawn and the fountain in the background, and the view of the ocean in the horizon.

We plan to have the ceremony in the morning, around 11am, followed by 45 minutes - 1 hour of a cocktail reception on a patio overlooking the Grand Lawn, followed by a lunchtime reception on site, which will last until about 4pm. More info...

April 3rd, 2009

On April 3rd, 2009, in Washington DC, beneath the cherry blossoms in full bloom, Greg did something he has never done before in his life, and will never do again. He got down on one knee and proposed to the woman he loves. Luckily for him, she said yes! Read more...

Thanks for everyone's support!

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