Garrett Rhodes on the College Road

Hello, my name is Garrett Rhodes. I am Freshman in the Engineering Program at NC State. Next year I plan to CODA into mechanical engineering. I chose mechanical engineering because I like to work with things that I can see. Also, I don't really like computers. I may do civil engineering as well because my dad is a civil engineer and I may follow in his footsteps

My favorite hobby is golfing. I like golfing because it is something that never gets old. You can always get better at golf. It is not something that can be perfected. I also like the getaway that it provides. For a couple hours you aren't thinking about anything, there are no stresses. Golfing is very fun

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Steps to Order Pizza

  1. Get a Friend
  2. Drive to Mellow Mushroom
  3. Order the Mel Corleone
  4. Enjoy

Class Expected Grade
MA 242 B-
CH 101 A-
E 101 A