Hello Erik

My name is Gavin Speers. I am a freshman currently a First-Year Engineer that has a Computer engineering intent. I chose this major, because I like computers.
I would like to create and own a computer business. Through this I plan to make the most efficient computers possible. I also want this major in order to help
third world countries become more advanced through cheaper engineered computers and other technologies.

My favorite hobby is video games. I love beating noobs. Video games are a good stress reliever and therefore a good hobby that I enjoy keeping.
I enjoy most video games, from strategy games, to shooters, and MMO's. Video games first got me into computers and I can't wait to use
video games on my own platform when I create computers one day.


My Turkey Sandwhich
  1. First I get out the bread of any kind.
  2. Then I get out the turkey.
  3. Grab two slices of the bread you have.
  4. Slap the desired amount of turkey on the bread.
  5. Eat the sandwhich like a man.

Class Expected Grade
Calculus I 98
Chemistry 101 96
E115 0