Garrett's Adventures

A page about the craziness I do

My name is Garrett Barringer and I am from Richfield, a town in rural North Carolina. I am a freshman who intends to major in Aerospcae Engineering. Depending on CODA, I may choose to due electrical engineering. I chose my field based on my favorite subjects of mathematics and physics. I selected Aerospace because airplanes and other aircraft are interesting to me and possibly the technology of the future. Everyone secretly hopes to have a personal hovercar to fly around someday and I may be a contributor to an effiecient design to make that happen.

One of my favorite hobbies is to ride motorsports. This includes riding dirtbikes, fourwheelers, and even motorcycles. I enjoy warm sunny afternoons when I can get my Kawasaki Ninja out to ride backcountry, curvy roads with my uncle who also rides. The freedom and power makes the entire experience. I would like to take my motorcycle to the Dragon's tale, the curviest road in America. If I don't ride my motorcycle on the weekend I typically ride my fourwheeler over the hils and through the woods.

My Resume
  1. Call Domino's
  2. Select Chessy Crust
  3. Add extra cheese, pepperoni, canadian bacon, and mushrooms
  4. Order cheesesticks and buffalo wings
  5. Pay total and pick up pizza
Course Expected Grade
Calculus II A
Physics I B+
Climate Change/Sustainability A
Physics Lab A+