Welcome to my homepage!

My name is Haruka Adachi. I am an Undergraduate freshman at NCSU. My major is business. I chose this major, because I was interested in learning the interactions and relationships between each sector of the society. I also believed that business today had the potential to connect all parts of the world, and enhance the quality of the lives of all individuals. Although I haven't decided which branch of business I want to study yet, I am currently considering a degree either in business administration or accounting.

My hobby is learning about computers. As a matter of fact, I want to minor in Computer programming, and the very reason I am taking this E 115 course right now is because I really want to become more familiar with computer coding. My goal during my college years is to make an app of my own, with the programming knowledge I will obtain in this minor. I am very fascinated with people who can make what they want, and I strongly hope that I can become one of them. Although computer programming may not directly impact my business career that I am pursuing, I believe that computer skills would give me more freedom in the future.

Ted Talks My English paper about Women's leadership
  1. put a slight amount of butter on the buns
  2. cut onions, tomatoes, lettuce, and spicy chicken into appropriate sizes
  3. add little mayonnaise
  4. sandwich the vegetables and the meat with the buns
Classes Expected grades
EC 201 A
MA 114 A
MIE 201 A
MEA 100 A
HESR 242 S
computer programming picture