Welcome to my bio page!

Hello, my name is Hunter Grantham. I'm a freshman here at North Carolina State University. I'm currently undecided about my major but I'm interested in two right now. My biggest interest right now as far as my major goes is forest management even though I'm in Engineering. I'm also interested in biological engineering because I like working with the environment. I still have a semester or two before I make my decision so I'm still exploring other majors as well.

I currently don't have a job but I did have a job back in my hometown. At home I worked on a farm owned by a family friend because I lived in a rural area. My responsibility was to help maintain the health of crops and to help maintain farm equipment and machinery. My dream job is to work with nature.

Picture of me and a link to my email adress

Most interesting classes I'm currently in at NC State

  1. USP 110
  2. E 101
  3. EC 201
  4. CH 102

Club/Organization Link to website
University Scholars Program University Scholars Program
Roots and Shoots Roots and Shoots