I'm forced to welcome you.

So welcome, loser.

Me in e-one-fuck-teen:

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Hello, bitches. My name is middle Alex and I will most likely major
in aerospace engineering because its the only one that sounded cool on the
sheet I read in orientation. I also have an interest in building rockets
(that will hopefully not blow up) and getting the hell off of this planet and
colonizing Mars, because that's where the real shit at. Now that we've gotten
introductions out of the way, lemme tell you about one of my favorite hobby.

See how much of a motherfuckin' boss I am at transitions? I should be an English
major, but unfortunately that's not a real thing. Anywhozer. Besides the recreational
drug use, I really love collecting miniture figurines. I don't care what it is, if it's
mini size, I'm all about that jank. Tiny chair, small hats, itty-bitty newspapers, that
shit is dope man. You can hold it in the palm of your hand and feel like a giant.
Some might say I'm a power junkie, but when you've got that tiny ass penguine in you
hand -- the world will bow down.

Subject Grade
Fortran A-
Chemistry A
Calculus A+
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