Welcome to my Homework 6 Week 9 Assignment!!!!

Hi!!! everyone my name is Herman Parrales, I am a sophmore majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering. I have a technical degree in electronics engineering from Wayne Community College. About four years ago, I got a job at SPX Transformer Solutions Inc. as a test technician. At SPX we built medium size power transformers used to for the distribution of electricity. Six months after getting the job, I realized how much I enjoyed working with electrical components, so I decided to further my knowledge.

One of my favorites hobbies is to play and watch soccer. One of my favorites teams is FC Barcelona from Spain and my favority soccer player is Leonel Messi. Due to work and school, I'm not able to practice soccer anymore; nevertheless, I have picked another hobby, golf. I always thought golf was an easy sport until I started practicing it. I feel golf is the only sport you can love and hate all in a matter of seconds.

Favorite Website!!
ESPN Website

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How do you prepare my favorite pizza!!!!

  1. For starters, I'm a terrible cooker
  2. Go to Dominos.com
  3. Select my favorites topics (peperonni, ham, green peppers)
  4. Place Order!!
  5. Wait 30 to 45 minutes
  6. Enjoy :)

My Courses @ NCSU

Class Grade
ECE200 A
E115 S
E201 A

FC Barcelona