Hey! You made it to my webpage!

My name is Henil Patel. I am a second semester freshman and my current major is mathematics.
I frankly don't know why I chose this major, I just did it because it seemed less boring than rest
of the majors, and because people make a funny face when I tell them I'm a math major because it
turns out that people don't really like math all too much. I am interested in computer science too.

My favorite hobby used to be playing soccer in high school but now that I'm in college I really like
to sleep as much as I can. Not that I don't like soccer anymore (oh look at that I typed any more incorrectly, MAYBE I need to sleep now).
It's still pretty awesome but It turns out sleep is really important. I'm taking a psychology class this semester
and I learned that sleep is really important because it keeps you mentally active. It is 2 in the morning right now so I guess
that contradicts what I've been saying all along but oh well. I like sleep. End of story.

Youtube logo Google hahahahahah

Turkey sandwich

  1. Spread Mayo on both slices of bread
  2. add slices of turkey (psych...I'm vegetarian)
  3. add lettuce
  4. add a slice of cheese..preferably provolone
classes grades
Math A+
E115 700+
Physics B+(maybe even A-)
soccer! 1)answered line 6, line 8 2)answered line 10-19 3)answered line 21-22 4)answered line 24-30 5)answered line 33-50 6)answered line 52