Engineering Pre-enrollment Advising

Advisor: Hailey Queen

Current Semester: Fall 2017

Advising for Spring & Summer 2018

Office: 118 Page Hall


Finding Your Enrollment Date

Enrollment for next semester is approaching and I encourage you to plan ahead so that you will be able to enroll at your earliest opportunity. 

Your enrollment appointment window will open sometime between 10/18/17 and 11/08/17. 

You should be able to find the specific date that your registration window begins by looking in your MyPack portal under:

                 Student Center > Enrollment Dates (on the right side of the screen)

Preparing for Your Advising Appointment

To prepare for registration you need to identify the courses that you want or need to take in the upcoming semester. This is dependant upon what you will have "successfully" completed by then and what you need to enroll in to meet your major/minor requirements.  The links below will provide you with information and tools to help you in your planning. 

It is important that you understand the degree requirements for your major as well as the sequence in which you must take courses to meet   prerequisite requirements. 

I highly recommend using the shopping cart to beging your schedule planning process AND the Pack Planner in MyPack.

Please use the resources available to you to investigate instructors and consider your own preferences regarding when classes meet (e.i. morning, afternoon, evening) as you begin planning your schedule. 


Since you have not yet officially been admitted to an engineering major, a key objective of your planning should be to complete your required CODA courses as soon as possible. In addition, I recommend that you continue taking your required math sequence until it is completed, even if you are ahead of schedule according to the degree plan requirements.

Course Load

A typical undergraduate course load is between 14-16 credit hours. As a reminder 12 credit hours is the minimum course load required to be considered a full time student and 18 hours is the maximum course load that you can sign up for without special permission. Your advisor (that's me!) can approve a course load of up to 21 hours and the Dean's approval is required to go above that (because that would be crazy hard!). 

If you are planning to work at a job more than 20 hours a week you should plan on registering for a reduced course load of 12 - 13 hours. 

GEP: Humanities & Social Sciences

As part of your planning you should review where you stand on meeting your GEP requirements. The easiest way to review which requirements you have already met is to review your degree audit in your MyPack. The GEP courses will be listed towards the bottom. The links to the right of these classes can help you see what courses will meet these GEP requirements.  Also use this opportunity to review the status of any AP or transfer credits that you think should be on your transcript or degree audit.  ANY CLASSES AT THE BOTTOM OF YOUR DEGREE AUDIT UNDER "NON-DEGREE" ARE NOT COUNTING IN TOWARDS YOUR DEGREE OR GRADUATION. 

Please make your best effort to plan your courses prior to our advising appointment.  This will help make our time as effective as possible when we meet.  It is fine to have questions and unknowns, those are the things we will address during our meeting. Feel free to ask questions by email prior to our meeting if that will help you to be as prepared as possible.

Send me an email at if you have questions.



Scheduling an Advising Appointment

In order to register you will need to have your "term advisement hold" released.  Before I can release this hold I need to review your plans for next semester, which I will do during our advising meeting. You should schedule this 30 minute appointment with me sometime between 10/09/17 and 11/08/17

To sign up for an advising appointment with me go to the following link and click on an apointment listed as "Fall Advising Appointments:" 

You are allowed to cancel your appointment with 24 hours notice. Please remember bring your list of planned classes. Also, please bring any other questions or concerns you might have.



Additional Helpful Information

Review your degree, minor and Humanities and Social Science requirements:

Eight semester display of engineering degree requirements

List of minors available at NC State and their requirements

GEP requirements for engineers


Review what courses will be offered in the upcoming semester, when they are scheduled, and learn more about the content.

Registration & Records Courses Page


Apply for CODA. During the semester you are finishing your final CODA requirements you should apply to your first, second, and third CODA choices using the link below.

CODA application


For those of you that may be struggling to determine your choice of major and the career that it may lead to, here are some additional resources that you may want to check out.


University Career Center Career & Majors

Sloan Career Cornerstone Center