My name is Haylee Townsend. I am a freshman in Engineering. I plan to go into Civil Engineering. I chose Civil Engineering because I have previously taken Architecture classes, but prefer more of the mathematics as opposed to design concepts. Civil Engineering still allows me to work on buildings and other structures that I could with Architecture, but allows me to do more of the work I enjoy.

My favorite hobby would be art. I went to a high school that had an art magnet program, so I do a lot of drawing and painting. I really enjoy drawing buildings and landscapes. Recently I have started working on continuous line drawings, drawings where the entire picture is made up of only one line. Continuous line drawings take a long time to draw, but they are relaxing to draw.

  1. Gather the ingredients: bread, cheese, butter.
  2. Heat up a pan and melt some butter.
  3. Layer bread, cheese, and then bread in the pan.
  4. Flip the sandwich once golden brown.
  5. You now have a grilled cheese sandwich.
Class Grade
Calculus I A
Economics B
Chemistry Lab A