My name is Hamlet Alejandro Valladares. I transferred from Central Carolina Community College. Due to my credits, I'm considered a sophomore here at NC State. I already have an Associate In Science degree from my community college. My major is Electrical Engineering and I chose this major because I was interested in electronics at such a young age and knew that was my purpose in life.

One of my favorite hobbies is to play basketball. I got shown how to play basketball growing up in my small neighborhood. I had trouble aiming for the basketball goal but over time I improved my skills. I currently am too busy to play basketball but whenever I have time, I love to play 5 on 5. I don't mind losing games but I've always loved the taste of victory.

My Arguement Paper
  1. Put bread
  2. Put mayo, hot sauce, and ketchup
  3. Put black forest ham and pepperjack cheese
  4. grill on the oven and enjoy!
Class Expected Grade
Intro To Computing Environments Pass
Survival Swimming Pass
Environmental Science A-