Independent Assignment 5: Intro to XHTML and Styling

My name is Hoke Ballard and I currently live in Sullivan Hall. I am a Freshman in EFY( Engineering First Year). I hope to CODA into Biomedical Enginering by my sophomore year. I want to explore this major as I am very intrigued by the promise of biomedical technologies and their projected impact on the future.

The first job I've had was over this past summer. I worked as a floor cleaning contractor. I was a part time employee but worked over 40 hours every week. We got two random days off a week.

Professional picture of myself

My Favorite Classes

  1. ENG 101
  2. E 101
  3. CH 101
  4. MA 242

My NCSU Clubs and Organizations

Club/OrgaizationWebsite Link
Biomedical Engineering SocietyNCSU BME Club
NCSU Marching Band NCSU Marching Band