Hello, I'm Heather Michno! This is my first year at NC State University.
I applied to NC State wanting to major in computer science engineering,
but then I changed to having Biomedical intent. Now I'm intending to switch
out of the engineering department and into Human Biology. I chose this major
because I want to work in some way in the medical field.

One of my favorite hobbies is playing video games. I've played video games
since I can remember, and I've made many of my best friends by doing this.
Without the friends that I've made and the games that I've played, I honestly
think I would be a very different person .Some of my favorite games are
Team Fortress 2, Dragon Age, Mass Effect, and Crusader Kings 2. Although I
haven't had much time to play since I've been in college, I'm still pretty passionate
about video games and their benefits on people.

Spotify Logo My Resume
  1. Go to the pizza place
  2. Pick order
  3. Make specifications
  4. Mentally prepare to place order
  5. Place order

  6. Class Expected Grade
    Chem 101 B
    Math 141 B
    English 101 A
    Mass Effect Characters