My name is Hannah Allen. I am a freshman this year, and part of the class of 2019. I am majoring in engineering, and hope to be a part of Textile Engineering. I chose this major because it interests me and I hope to improve society with it.

My favorite hobby is working out. I love to exercise, and play sports. Specifically, I love doing yoga and dancing. I have dance in company since preschool and love that it is both exercise and an art. I enjoy yoga because it is a great work out but also very relaxing.

Natural Life Brand My Resume

How To Make My Favorite Pizza

  1. Make dough
  2. Add pizza sauce
  3. Add lots and lots of cheese
  4. Bake in woodfire oven
  5. Let cool a little bit and enjoy!
Class Name Expected Grade
EC 201 A
MA 141 B
CH 111 A
E 101 A
WGS 200 A
E115 S
Contemporary Dance