Welcome to the ReelMaster Company!


Our Mission

Our mission here at the ReelMaster Company is to produce a rugged, durable bait-casting fishing real that has a digital scale that tells you the weight of the fish you are reeling in and to do all of this at a feasible price which will allow people of all backgrounds and levels of fishing to purchase it. Our groundbreaking design has been produced for a low price that will satisfy all anglers. Our prototype reel is designed for inland game fish such as bass and catfish, therefore the digital scale only goes up to 75 pounds. We are hard at work developing reels for other applications such as pan-fish and saltwater, just wait!!

Our Background

The ReelMasters Company was founded in 2017 by Heath Clapp. He grew up an avid fisherman and had the idea of a reel with a scale on it his entire life. From catching game fish such as Large-mouth Bass and Channel Catfish in his hometown of Greensboro, North Carolina, he always wanted something of that sort to tell him how careful he needed to be reeling the fish in on his light line. He worked hard throughout his college career and he eventually developed a functioning prototype that he uses on a weekly basis. He swears by his product saying that if it were not ready, he would not release it.

Our Trademark

Our signature, original reel is unlike anything the market has ever seen. It has 13 bearings, a 10:1:1 gear ratio, and enough torque to pull out any lure or fish from even the heaviest cover. It is extremely lightweight, weighing in at only 5 ounces. Every single part of this reel is made of titanium, one of the strongest metals available to man, except the grips. The grips are made from high-grade memory foam and will blow you away. We completely back our product and have a full warranty on our product.

ReelMasters: The best in Fishing