Bananas are the oysters of the land


Hi my name is Holden Dometrius and I want to major in Physics. I choose this major because I wish to explore the outer reaches of the universe. electricity, magnetism, and mechanics are very interesting and shed light on how the world works. Studying how the world works is fulfilling. Physics is somewhat hard.

If you want to know about my hobbies you must understand I am the Basketball champion of the world. I love to play basketball. I also enjoy watching my favorite team, the North Carolina State Wolfpack. They have the best player in the conference, Cat Barber. Basketball is my favorite sport. I like the manner in which they traverse the inescapable defenders while somehow managing to maintain control over a bouncing speherical object.

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Here is a link to a paper I wrote: link.

How to make the best calzone:

  1. Roll the dough in flour and flatten into an ellipse
  2. Layer cheese, then meats and veggies with more cheese on the top
  3. Fold over and seal the meal
  4. Bake for 8.5 minutes at 450 degrees

These are my classes:

MA 341 B
PY 208 A
SOC 295 A-

There he goes! basketball