So I'm Haolei Chen or you can call me Henry. I came here NCSU 2016 spring semester as a freshman. Currently in general mathematics but plan to transfer to some kind of engineering, maybe computer engineering because that sounds suit me well. Haven't really decided yet though.

My hobby honestly is ... sleeping, but I'm afraid of getting no score for this paragraph so I would say my hobby is photography. I'm not a professional, just sometimes take some pictures when I feel like taking photos. I learned to take pictures, and photoshop them all by myself, I do have a pretty professional camera though, Canon 6-D and I just love it.


The only "paper" I have

  1. Take two piece of bread
  2. Toast them
  3. get some American cheese
  4. grab and eat
Best Pic taken by me this month
Course Expected grade
Calculas 90
Economic 80
Chemistry 90