Welcome to my Webpage!

My Name is Henry Sharpe and I am a freshman here at NC State. I am in the first year Engineering program and I want to major in Mechanical Engineering. I've always liked math and science and was pretty good at them in high school so engineering appealed to me from a relatively young age. I also like cars planes and anything that has moving parts so mechanical engineering caught my eye. I'd like to build things in the future and make a difference in the world and I believe engineering and specifically mechanical engineering can help me achieve that.

My favorite animal would be the dog. My family has always had dogs, specifically beagles. When I was two years old my sister and I got our first pet and it was a beagle named Sam. He was the most relaxed dog ever and i loved him to pieces. Unfortunately seven or so years back he died and it was probably the saddest day of that year. Two years later however we rescued two dogs from a shelter, both beagles. They are still at my home now and being their owner for the past few years has cemented the fact that dogs are not only my favorite pets but my favorite animals.

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    Ordering A Pizza
  1. Decide where you want your pizza from
  2. Decide what toppings you want
  3. Decide what crust you want
  4. Call and order your pizza
Class Title Expected Grade
MA 241 A-
Ch 101 B+
EC 205 B-