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My name is Harper Atkins. I am a freshman Engineering student, although I haven't decided which of the 16 engineering branches I want to go into yet. I'm interested in Mechanical engineering currently but I am still mostly open to all of them. Mechanical engineering interests me because I enjoy robotics (and Legos in general) and would like to work that into my career.

The job I hope to have some day is builder/designer of Lego structures. If you've ever been to the Lego store in New York and seen the large dragon they have, or to Disney in Florida, where they have several large Lego Disney structures; those are what I want to build and design. The challenge of getting them the correct proportions and dimensions and able to stand by themselves, as well as staying under a weight limit most likely, is something I'm very interested in.

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Classes I'm looking forward to:

  1. Intro to Mechanical Engineering Design
  2. Kickboxing
  3. Women and Gender in Science and Technology
  4. CSC 116 Java
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