Welcome to my webpage for E115

Hi! My name is Haley Berezik and I am a first year engineering student with a Material Science intent. I applied to NC State’s engineering program with the intent of getting into the hardest part of the university, and exploring my options for majors before CODA-ing sophomore year. While I'm in engineering, I'm a biologist at heart. I have a strong interest (obsession) with biology, and want to explore medical research. Maybe one day, I'll start a company with my sister, who is in Material Science with a focus in nanotechnology.

I recently rode on a longboard for the first time, during a study break before a chemistry exam. While I haven’t had much practice, it’s a pursuit that I can quickly imagine becoming a hobby. I am looking forward to purchasing a longboard of my own and practicing at the beach between terms. I can’t wait to be good enough to longboard around my hometown, Asheville. Everyone owns a longboard in Asheville and I would love to skate down the Blue Ridge Parkway. Fingers crossed that I don't fall on my ass.

Long Boarding is Fun

E115 is a pass fail course. A student has passed the course at the 700/1000 point margin. At this time, students are done with coursework and are exempt from the final exam. I've almost finished my 700 points! I need a fifth sentence.

Click here to discover a mindless game that Ashevillians play.

Feed the Head

Take a look at my favorite quote here. It's from the E115 textbook (extra suck-up points, please?).

How to make my favorite sandwich

  1. Buy Nutella.
  2. Buy raisin bread.
  3. Put the Nutella on the raisin bread. Don't mess this up.
  4. Eat another.

Course Grade
E115 Pass
Chemistry 101 B-
Chemistry 102 100!!