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Hello, my name is Hillary. I'm a freshman. I'm in the first year engineering program. I hope to go into chemical engineering with a biomanufacturing concentration. I'm interested in this major because it combines several areas of study that I'm interested in, and because my dream job would involve developing biofuels, pharmaceuticals, or "green" biomaterials.

My favorite break is winter break. I love winter weather and having time to enjoy it. My family and I go hiking over winter break. There are usually holiday-related activities in the area in which I live, which makes winter break more exciting than spring or summer break. This break isn't too short or too long.

Engineering Cat
Favorite Website #2
  1. Toss the Dough
  2. Cover the dough with tomato sauce
  3. Sprinkle on some cheese
  4. Put in the oven

Winter Time Pic
Class Expected Grade
Economics A
Physics B
Beginner Bagpipes A