My name is Hannah and I am the coolest E115 student at NCSU! Thanks for visiting my page!

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In case you want to know more about me, I am a freshman at NC State University double majoring in mechanical engineering and international studies with a minor in Chinese. I hope to graduate by 2021.

I love the mechanics of how things work so I decided to pursue a degree in mechanical engineering I also like the flexibility the degree proivides. I am pursing a degree in international studies because I love politics and traveling. I think I am going to concentrate in East Asia studies to go along with my Chinese minor.

I have many valuable job skills:

I have taken many valuable courses:

Class Course Title Semester
Indrtoduction to Computers Mandrin Chinese Calculus II Honors
E115 FLC 201 MA 241 (H)
Fall Freshman Year Fall Freshman Year Fall Freshman Year