Welcome to homework 6

My name is Hailey. I am a freshmen majoring in computer science. I chose

computer science because I enjoy coding. And the availability of jobs

is on the rise. Also it pays pretty well.

My favorite hobby is 'Netflixing'. I enjoy watching movies and T.V. shows

anytime and anyplace. I especially enjoy binge watching T.V. shows. I just

finished Orphan Black which is about clones and it was really really good.

I do not know what to watch next I am in a post binge limbo. I was thinking

of watching Hannibal or finishing the Walking Dead.

WebAssign Resume
  1. Make pizza dough
  2. Put a little sauce on dough
  3. Put a lot of cheese on sauce
  4. Cook till done
Class Expected Grade
CSC 116 A
MA 241 A
USC 102 A+