Welcome to my Homework 5a Page, enjoy!

My name is Hannah Elizabeth Neiman, and my initials spell "HEN"- many people find this entertaining. I am a freshman in the college of engineering, with a Computer Science intent. I think this is because I'm partially insane. I chose CSC because of multitude of opportunities such a degree would offer in my life. My goal is to work in the cyber-security field with the government.

A hobby of mine is dance, although I don't know if I could call it a hobby- it's more of a lifestyle. I'm a classically trained ballerina (yeah, like with a tutu). I've been dancing for 15 years, but recently forced into "retirement" due to a sever injury resulting in reconstructive surgery. I have been fortunate enough to perform in a multitude of cities and with famous choreographers. My hobby lives on though, as I dance with the campus hiphop crews whenever possible!

Can you guess where 
	this will send you??

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Making Heaven on Bread (aka Chicken Salad)

  1. Shred a chicken breast (cooked, unless you are that kind of person...)
  2. Add a pleasurable amount of mayonnaise and sweet relish
  3. Sprinkle with salt, pepper, and celery seed
  4. Mix again, and hit the bread!!
  5. Class Final Grade
    Chemisty 81
    Philosophy 80
    Precal 95
    Econ 90
    Step Aerobics S
    E101 100
    E115 S