From Pointe Shoes to Engineering Paper

My name is Hailey Russell and I'm a junior in the Chemical Engineering Program here at NC State University. I transferred here from UNC Wilmington. Not only am I a chemical engineering major, but I am also seriously considering a concentration in sustainability in chemical engineering. I think it is supremely important to find energy resources that are both renewable, sustainable for the future and has little negative impact on the environment. I pursued chemical engineering in particular because I really enjoy and excel at math and science.

However, engineering was not my only career interest and a young girl. I also loved the art of ballet and have practiced it for 10 years now. I actually attended a boarding school for the arts called UNC School of the Arts. I attended for all four years of high school and it certainly took ballet to a whole new level. Although, I did not end up pursuing a professor ballet career, I still love the art and will always cherish my time spent at my high school.

Click the pointe shoes below to check out my favorite online dance store to shop!
Pointe Shoe

Here is a link to my resume.

Here is how to order my favorite pizza:

  1. Get whole wheat dough
  2. Add tomato sauce
  3. Sprinkle on lots of shredded cheese
  4. Add as many fresh veggies as your heart desires

Here are some classes I'm taking this semester and my anticipated grades:

Class Grade
ES 100 A
E 201 A
CHE 205 B+

Here is a photo of me doing a grand-jete!