My name is Henry Ricca. I am a freshman studying Environmental Engineering. I chose to work towards this degree because it pays well and is a growing field. Also, I feel that the Earth's environmental state is one of societies most pressing concerns. I would love to work outside, taking field samples and running tests.

Winter break is my favorite break from school. I love that we get almost an entire month off. Also, we usually have family come to town for Christmas. I also love the snow that time of year. This winter break, I caught up with lots of friends I hadn't seen in months.

I love March Madness. I love the competitive spirit in the air and the crazy cheering for favorite teams. The best part of the NCAA tournament is the small schools that shock larger universites in the early rounds. I also like filling out a bracket, so I can feel like a genius when I pick an upset. Some years I even win money off of bracket pools.

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Wolfpack!! Wolfpack"
  1. Find Honey Wheat bread and take out two slices.
  2. Put two slices of fresh turkey breast on one slice of bread.
  3. Add a slice of pepper jack cheese.
  4. Spread honey mustard on the second piece of bread
  5. Put the two pieces of bread together with the meat, cheese, and mustard inside.
Class Grade
MA 241 A
ENT 203 A
CH 201 A