Hunter G. Cook has coded here.

Hunter G. Cook. Computer Engineering - Class of 2021. I chose computer engineering becuase I am passionate about computer and technology, and I hope to helpl lead in future advances in the field.

I am from Byrson City, North Carolina. I enjoy playing Magic: The Gathering, Video games, and participating in STEM related activites. I am would entirely agree that the Star Wars series is the best series of movies to ever be made.

My dream job is to work for a large computer hardware manufacturing company such as intel or nvidia. They are leading the way in technology for all fields (Transportation, AI, home computing), and I would like to oneday help them create the advanancments, through computer engineering.

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  1. GC120
  2. C101
  3. C102
  4. E115
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Theo Frater Computer Science
Alan Computer Science