Welcome I guess. Have fun.

My name is Helen Glazunov, and I am a Freshman (graduating class of 2019, hopefully), and I plan on majoring in Food Science. I originally believed that I always wanted to go into Nutrition, but I realized around the end of high school, that as fascinating as it was, I lacked application. I realized the majority of the job market (as it pertained to Nutrition) consisted of Dieticians, or clinical researchers. I've always wanted more hands-on experience than this. So I did some research and found out that Food Science Existed. Not all that too exciting of a story.

I don't really have any hobbies, at least I don't think. I usually just spend my "free time" on tumblr or facebook. I really love arts and crafts, but being a perfectionist and having general anxiety prevents me from buying or making things that I don't know if they will come out 100% perfect or not. I also like being outside. Especially around this time of year. Spring makes me really happy, so I like to just walk around, wander, or lie in the grass and maybe do small tasks, really just to appreciate the weather more.

Useless but Pretty Cool Website
My Resume I guess
  1. Go to Dominoes.com at 3am
  2. Select Pan Pizza
  3. Put on onions and pineapple
  4. You're done. I'm disgusting I know. Please don't judge me

Class Expected Grade
Intro to Food Science A+
Organic Chemistry 1 B-
Calculus 2 A+
Laying in the grass