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Hello! My name is Haley Ritchie, and I am a freshman at NC State. I am planning on majoring in Bio-medical Engineering because my younger sister has Type One Diabetes, and so I have seen first hand what the biomedical technology can do. I also am interested in prosthetics, so Biomedical Engineering is a great choice for me. In addition to engineering, I am also interested in political science.

Currently, I am not employed and focusing on my school work. However, I used to work as a steward at my church in Charlotte, NC. It was with some of my best friends, and we used to be responsible for opening the church, turning on the lights, and making the coffee. I really enjoyed it because it was with my friends, it paid well, and I got to spend time at church.

    List of Interesting Classes

  1. Biomedical Ethics
  2. The Science of Beekeeping
  3. Jazz Dance
  4. Modern Dance

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