Welcome to My Website

My name is Hartley LeRoy, I am a freshman. I intends to study electrical engineeering. I selected engineering as my major because I very much enjoy math and science. I then further consstrained my major to electrical engineering, because I am very interested in renewable energy. Therefore I will most likely be getting the REES concentration thats offered through EE at State

My favorite hobby is music production. I started it about two years ago when I found it too difficult to form a band with my friends. I bounce around between many genres, but focus mainly on alternative and electronic. If you'd care to view my music simply look up "HH LeRoy" on soundcloud. For me it is fun, interesting, and a good stress relief.

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  1. Go to Talley
  2. Order pizza from Red Sky
  3. Wait impatiently
  4. Get Pizza
  5. Cover it in more cheese
  6. Eat away
Class Expected Grade
MA 241 A
E 115 S
ENG 101 C+
HON 202 B-
Music Studio