Hey, how are you doing today? Well, I hope you are having a lovely day!!! :D

Hi, my name is Hansac. I am in my freshman year which by math, would have me graduating by 2020...one could say...I've got that 20/20 vision! My major is currently First Year Engineering-Aerospace Intent. I am also considering Mechanical Engineering because it's pretty interesting to me. I also plan to minor in biology because I only have 7 more credits needed in order to get that minor! All that being said, I am a pretty big nerd!

My favorite hobby...oh boy, I would have to say either ultimate frisbee or building a robot. I was both in the robotics team as well as the ultimate frisbee team at my high school. Although I enjoy playing frisbee and competing to make our team the best in the region, I didn't really enjoy the atmosphere of the team. Going of that fact alone, I would say robotics would be my favorite hobby because I used to build models when I was younger and I just found a group of people who enjoyed the same hobbys I had and were passionate about it. So hands down, my favorite hobby is robotics because of the atmosphere of building something and working together is very exciting.

Cute Bunny

How to catch a Pokemon in Pokemon Go

  1. Start your pokemon journey by walking into the tall grass/around the NCSU Campus.
  2. Trip over a misplaced brick on the sidewalk and injure yourself but your phone is still all right.
  3. A pokemon appears!!!
  4. Catch said pokemon and try again if you fail.
  5. Continue on your journey because people these days only date pokemon masters!
Classmate Major
Iain Computer Science
Julianne Mechanical Engineering

Here is a picture of me freaking out building the robot

Robotics Competition Picture