My name is Haoyi Hu, 20 years old. I am very gland to be a wolf in NCSU. My major is civil engineering. The reason why I chose CE is I like Physics and in civil engineering, I can use this subject perfectly. Also, my parents encourage me to be an engineer, anyway it looks like filling their dream.

My favorite hobby is watching Animations. expecially, the Japanese animations. There are lots of good anime such Attank On Titan. Some people may think it is too naive for a 20years old young adult. But I think the animations can provide me the best experiences that I cannot really do, like protect the Earth or drive EVA.


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How to order Chinese Food

  1. take the menu
  2. wait the waiters
  3. choose all of the food in the recommend
  4. pay the money

Courses Expected Grade
MA241 A
PY205 A+
CH101 A-