My name is Henry Flint. I'm a first year at this school, but a sophomore by credit hours. My intended major is Mechanical Engineering. I chose this major because it seemed like something interesting that I could devote my career to. I feel like Mechanical Engineering is an innovative field that will keep advancing, and never allow me to be bored.

My favorite hobbies are reading web novels and watching anime. Each new work that I experience lets me understand the author behind each world. The authors all have extremely different ideas for story direction, even if some tales begin with similar premises. I enjoy witnessing the development of characters in a story. The worlds that these authors create light a spark in my imagination.

This is my resume.
  1. Go to the store.
  2. Pick a delicious pizza.
  3. Open the pizza box.
  4. Follow the remaining instructions on the box.

    1. Class Expected Grade
      Statistics 90
      Physics 85
      Matlab 90