Welcome to my website!

My name is Hannah Eberenz and I am a freshman at NC State. I am currently majoring in Textile Technology- Medical Textiles, but am hoping to get into Biomedical Engineering. I chose this major because I am really interested in 3D Printing Research in the medical field, specifically with organs and tissue. I have always been very interested in this area and being able to major in it would be a dream come true. Hopefully my hard work will pay off soon!

My favorite hobby is to paint canvases. Although I am not very naturally artistic, am I pretty good at copying designs and logos that I like. I also enjoy painting quotes on the canvases along with the designs. This is fun for me because it is relaxing and easy to do. It is a nice pass time when I want to be productive without stressing over school work.

Lilly Logo


How to make my favorite pizza:

  1. Put BBQ sauce on pizza dough
  2. Add pizza sauce to the BBQ sauce
  3. Put mozzarella cheese on top of sauces
  4. Add BQQ chicken on top of cheese
  5. Add bacon
  6. Add a BBQ swirl

Classes Expected Grade
Calculus 241 B+
Physics 205 A
English 101 A-