Welcome to My E115 Website! Homework 5a is Fun!

My Name is Hunter Heinbach and I am a freshman
in engineering. I have not CODAed yet, but I plan to go
into electrical engineering. I want to do this because I have an interest in alternative energy.
There is an electrical engineering concentration in renewable energy in electrical
engineering. With this major, I want to work on either solar, hydro, or other renewable energies.

My favorite hobby is tennis. I taught tennis over the summer as
a summer job and loved it. I try to play at least once every week
here at state and have found many people to play matches with. I eat so much here in the dining
halls that it compels me to play more! I hope that I continue to find
more people to play with and perhaps join the club team.

This was a Disney picture. TWITTER

  1. First, get two pieces of bread and toast them to perfection.
  2. Then, cook 4 pieces of bacon. and put them on your sandwich.
  3. Then cut a tomato into slices and put two slices on your sandwich.
  4. Then, get a head of lettuce and put one piece on your sandwich.
  5. Lastly, add the finishing touch of mayonaise and you have a BLT!
  6. Class Expected Grade
    E101 A
    ENG101 B
    FLS201 A