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My name is Haywood Hunter, I am a junior in Electrical/Computer Engineering. I chose this major due to many things, I can first say it was because my love for gaming. Like all other engineerings majority love to game but my love is not with the video games but for the hardware. My second reason is in a whole different senario dealing with my father and internal devices placed in the human body to regulate vital organs such as a heart. As of now I am a undergrade research for a facility on NCSU campus that deals with nanotechnology and health systems.

As you can tell from the title page my favorite hobby is videogames. I can play any genre except sports. My favorite type of video games FPS(First Person Shooters).I spend hours editing and recording gameplay for my youtube channel I also run but have other gamers posting on my channel as well.The game that I am most excited about to play this year would be Halo 5.Halo 5 is planned to be release October 27 2015.


Haywood Hunter Resume

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Classes Grade
E115 S
ECE220 A
ECE304 A
ECE211 A
ST371 A