Welcome to my personal information page!

My name is Haoyu Jing. I am a 2015 Fall student in NC State. My major is electrical engineering. Specifically, I want to put my efforts on electronics and integrated circuits. It is an interesting major which allows me to study the circuits and how they work.

My favorite hobby is swimming. Evertime I am swimming in the water, I can feel how water flows and that is a very amazing felling. There are many types of swimming. The breakstroke, freestyle and butterfly swimming all makes me healthier. Now I go to the pool twice a week.

Google.com is my favourite website.
Google Homepage Click here to see my resume.

Steps to make a sandwich:

  1. Cut the cheese into slices;
  2. Bacon fried in the pan;
  3. Cut the bread in half and put slices of cheese and tomato slices and roast for 2 minutes;
  4. Add chicken breast, salad leaves and stir-fry vegetables;
  5. Put bacon into the bread;

Class Expect Grade
EC201 A-
CH101 B
E115 S
MA141 A
CH102 A

This is a picture related to swimming.