Future Hendrix

My name is Judd Rollins, I am majoring in Computer Engineering, and I plan to graduate in 2020. I chose this major because I have always been passionate about building and creating. Since I was little I knew that I wanted to go into some form of engineering. My Junior year in highschool I decided that I wanted to go into computer engineering because I took a computer science class that I really enjoyed. After this I chose NC State because they had a very good Computer Engineering program.

My favorite hobby is soccer. In the fourth grade I started playing soccer and I was an immediate passion of mine. I playing Rec soccer for a year and then went on to playing club. I played for club and school throughout middle school and highschool. My senior year was my favorite year of soccer and I will forever be a positive memory.

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Future Hendrix

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How to make a pizza.

  1. Get some gooey dough
  2. Sauce that dough
  3. Sauce it harder
  4. Bake your sauced dough
  5. Fed your stomach

Name Major
Felica Math
Shabooboo Reading

I love dogs more than any other animal in the world. Dogs are mans best friend and will always be there to comfort their owner. Cats on the other hand are the spawn of satan. I do not like cats because they have no feelings. Dogs are loyal and cats are not end of story.