Welcome to Henry Sells's Website

Hi I'm Henry Sells a Freshman Mechanical Enginering Major at North Carolina State University. I chose Mechanical Enginering because I enjoy working on and designing things with moving parts. Weather it is cars or guns or factory machinery machines with moving parts just intrest me. I really would like to go into wepons development. mechanincal enginering is the perfect degree to acomplish that goal.

My facorite hobby is soccer. I enjoy playing soccer because of the team oriented nature of the sport as well as the physicality required. It is a sport that requires you to be not only in great shape physicly but mentally as well. It requires snap decisions and improves your cognative reasoning ability as well as spacial awareness. Soccer is also just plain fun so why not play it if it's fun and good for you.

My Resume
  1. roll out the dough
  2. spread out alfrado sauce on dough
  3. put cheese on the whole thing
  4. put chicken on the whole thing
  5. bake the pizza
  6. soccer picture
    Class Expexted Grade
    E115 S
    Ch102 A
    Ma141 B+