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My major is nuclear engineering. I chose this major because I while back, I had watched a TEDTalk that Bill Gates
gave in 2010. He talked about CO2 increasing temperature, which effects not only the weather, but also, the ecosystems.
Therefore, I was interested in trying to find alternative fuel and energy sources. However, the current problem with trying to
use nuclear energy is because of cost, safety issues, and waste disposal. So if I cannot come up with a cheaper use of nuclear
I would like to try and come up with solutions on safety or waste.

My favorite hobby is swimming. I used to swim in competitions and in teams but I don't have as much time to commit to a team
and participate in the swim meets. On my breaks during school, I will go to Carmichael Aquatic Center and swim a couple laps.
When I had first started swimming in middle school, I did not enjoy it as much because I was swimming competitively and would
stress me out if I did not drop time on events at swim meets. However, now, since I can swim leisurely, I go to relieve my stress
or whenever I don't feel like working out at the gym.

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Steps on Making a Perfect Sandwich

  1. Cut the loaf of bread in half
  2. Toast the two bread pieces in the oven for 5 minutes
  3. Put two slices of provolone cheese on one piece of bread and it put back in the oven to melt the cheese
  4. Add mayo on the other piece of bread
  5. Then add maple coated turkey
  6. Add honey ham
  7. Add genoa salami
  8. Finally, take out the piece of bread from the oven and put on the other piece of bread
Name of Class Expected Grade
E115 S
MA241 A
PY205 B
CSC112 A
ANT252 A