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My name is Hannah Keogh. I am in first year engineering because I am a second semester freshman here at NCSU, with an intent to go into Mechanical Engineering. I picked mechanical engineering because I have a huge interest in cars, and I would like to work in the automotive industry when I get out of school. If I do not go into working with cars, I would like to work with my dad because he is also an engineer who contracts out to the military, which I also find very interesting.If mechanical does not work out, I plan to double major in Architecture and Structural Engineering so I can build and design industrial buildings such as skyscrapers and factories.

My favorite hobby in the whole entire world is soccer, I have been playing it my entire life. It has always been my dream to play division 1 soccer at the collegiate level, which I am doing here at NC State. I have been playing soccer since I was 5 years old, and I tried one other sport before deciding it was soccer that I wanted to pursue. Here at State, I compete in the best women's soccer conference in the Nation, which can be tough but is also extremely gratifying. I LOVE SOCCER!!!!

  1. Buy pre-made dough
  2. Spread pre-made tomato sauce on pre-made dough
  3. Buy shredded mozzerella cheese and place it on sauce and dough combination
  4. add variety of a meat products to the top (bacaon, sausage, pepperoni, chicken etc..)
classes expected grade
E115 S
PY205 B
PY206 A+
GC120 A
ENG101 A+
Round thing you kick in soccer