Hi my name is Hunter Pierce. I am a freshman here at North Carolina State University. I am going for a dual major in computer and electrical engineering. At first, I was only going for a degree in computer engineering. I then attended one of computer engineering workshops and found out that an electrical engineering degree only takes about three additional classes.

My favourite hobby involves me sitting in my room doing pretty much anything on my computer. I mostly like to play video games with friends online. We use a communications software called Mumble to talk to each other. We play a fairly large variety of games and I can't really say that I have a favourite one. Before college started, I was worried that I wouldn't be able to partake in my hobby as much because of having a room-mate but things have worked out well.

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  1. get two pieces of bread
  2. put cheese on both slices
  3. add salami to one slice
  4. add ham on top of the salami
  5. add mayonnaise to other slice
  6. combine both slices
Class Grade
MA 141 A
Eng 101 B
CH 101 A
basic computer