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My name is Hussam Abu Nimeh. I'm in the class of 2017. I'm planning to become a civil engineer. I chose civil engineering because of many factors. First, I always dreamt about building tall buildings around the world, hence civil engineering is the major which allows me to pursue my dreams that begun since my childhood. Second, most engineers in my family are civil engineers, thus I can say that I lived in a family that wants to become a civil engineer. I cannot say that I was forced to do so, but my uncles and aunts were really trying so hard to consolidate my love for civil engineering. Therefore, I can say that living in this kind of family will make you love civil engineering and become more familiar with this field more and more. Third, before I come to NC State I was living in Dubai the city which has the tallest building in the world. Thus the market for civil engineers in that city is pretty much amazing. Civil Engineers who graduate from top engineering schools in the world such as NC State can easily find a lovely job over there. Thus I can say that I chose civil engineering because I considered the place I would like to live in and work and considered the most required field of engineering there and found it to be civil engineering and thus this factor had an amazing impact on my choice.

My favourite break from school was Summer 2013. This was the summer after I finished High-school and before going to NC State. I was able to enjoy my time that summer because I didn't have responsibilities. I already received my acceptance to NC State and I knew that my results in High school were good. Thus I went to my home country Jordan which is in the middle-east. The capital city of Jordan is Amman. I spent this summer in Amman with my parents. I had the chance to visit old historical places in Jordan. Such as Petra and other Roman remains found in the East side of the capital Amman. I spent my time visiting old places over and over. I also enjoyed going cycling in Amman between cherry farms. It was an amazing experience that allowed me to build connections with new people and even meet tourists who came from Italy to visit Amman. Since during that summer I didn't have any responsibilities, I enjoyed my time a lot while meeting new people and becoming a more social person. I also extremely enjoyed and valued my visits to old historical sites which definitely made summer 2013 the best.

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  2. Choose your favourite dough
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  4. Confirm your order
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Class Name Grade Expected
MA 141 A
EC 205 B
E 101 A
E 115 S
HI 209 A
FLE 101 B

Me in Jordan historical place