Hello! Welcome to my page!

My name is Holly Newman and I am a freshman at NC State. I am majoring in Textile Engineering with a concentration in product development. I chose Textile Engineering because I went to a summer camp at the NCSU College of Textiles and really enjoyed it. Also, I love physics, math, and chemistry.

I have never had a job, but I would love to get one this summer. I am hoping to intern at either the Nonwovens Institute or T-PACC(the Textile Protection and Comfort Center). These jobs interest me because I would like to learn more about protective textiles and nonwovens.

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The Most Interesting Classes I Have Taken at NC State

  1. MA 242
  2. TE 105
  3. PY 205
  4. E 101
  5. Clubs I Have Joined at NC State

    Club Name Link to the Club's Website
    Wine to Water Wine to Water
    Scholar's Council Scholar's Council